Our Background

Kiuso Corporation is a multifaceted entity registered under the laws of the Canadian government in the Province of Ontario. Kiuso Corporation was registered with an intention to invest in the Real Estate market at home in Canada and abroad. Starting operations formerly in 2012, it was our desire to grow the portfolio of the company into other industries, and we did. We now have a hand in the selling of Crude Oil through a partnership. We're also in the mining of Ores like iron and Manganese and we hold concessions to nearly 80,000 hectors of mineral rich land in Zambia.

Most recently, we have made an entry into the high speed internet market through a joint venture with Luxline Network Corp Canada.    

We remain excited to take the company forward and continue to provide value in the markets we operate.

To maintain high quality products to the clients we serve in the markets we work. 

​​To establish ourselves among the world’s leading producers of raw materials in the ore market and deliver an excellent sales and after sales service on all that we sell. 

Our Mission
Our Vision

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Welcome to the official website of Kiuso Corporation. We are very excited that you visited our site. Here, you will learn about our primary business which is mining, Real Estate, Oil and Gas and Technology. We encourage you to connect with us and learn more about our businesses.